A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

"Crew morale aboard the research station is at an all time high..."

An asteroid has hit. The station is in dire need of repair and you are the only engineers for the job.

 But with only so much rope and oxygen, you'll have to repeat each others movements and stay close together to get everything done in time. 

This game was created for the student organised Manchester Metropolitan University Summer Game Jam which lasted a week, with a theme of 'Repetition'.

Aim of the Game

Each level will involve rebooting terminals on the outside of a space station, to do this players will have to collect a scanner and make their way to the required terminals in order. But with only so much slack on the rope, you'll have to work together to make sure you're not stuck with time running out.

With functionality for up to 9 players around one keyboard, Tethered not only needs teamwork in-game, but in real life!

A game by Alex Brooke

Install instructions

Unzip the zip file and simply run the .exe file that's in there!

Not tested on Mac so sorry if that doesn't work!


Tethered.zip 19 MB
Tethered - Mac.zip 19 MB


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Works like a charm on mac! I love the graphics and audio (and star trek references)!

Glad to hear it works! Thanks for playing!